“Thank you for the great job….the feedback has been extremely positive from both staff and students alike.”  -Drew Podnar, Music Teacher, Forest Grove Elementary, Coraopolis PA

“The show was declared by many of the teachers as the best assembly they had seen!” – Barb English, PTO President, Moss Side Elementary, Monroeville PA

“Thank you so much for sharing with us such an important message in such an entertaining manner.  The kids absolutely loved the interaction.”  – Dara Patrus, PTA Assembly Coordinator, JW Burkett Elementary, McKees Rocks PA

“Great job…our students absolutely loved your interactive assembly.  The theme went hand in hand with lessons that we plan to teach this year.”  – Jason Burik, Principal, Ingram Elementary School, Montour School District

“I would highly recommend your performance to any school district and look forward to working with you again!” – Joseph Arcuri, Principal, Myrtle Avenue Elementary, Pittsburgh PA

“Thank you for a great assembly….getting lots of positive feedback from my teachers.”  – Deborah Mooney, School Nurse, O’Hara Elementary, Pittsburgh PA


“THANK YOU for coming to our school.  Almost every teacher in the school came to me to comment that it was probably the best assembly we had ever brought in for the students…now that’s REMARKABLE!”  – Kelly King, School Counselor, New Brighton Area Elementary, New Brighton PA

“I highly recommend The Hill Brothers….extremely entertaining…the students were able to hear the message loud and clear!”  – Gina Gordon , Blackhawk Intermediate School, Beaver Falls PA

“Our students go head over heels to hear them perform!!  Their programs fit with our standards and correlate to classroom learning.  They are a pleasure to work with.   Their CD’s are a must for every music teacher!  The tunes are catchy and students in grades K-6 and all of our staff sing their songs throughout the year.  It is indeed a pleasure to highly recommend The Hill Brothers.”  – Rhonda Ficca, Elementary Music Teacher/Choral Director/PTA Assembly Coordinator, New Brighton Elementary School, New Brighton PA


“I got a great response from the kids and teachers…thanks again for a great time!  You have a unique, fun way of presenting some serious subject matter.”  – Greta Sawyer, PTO, Clarion-Limestone Elementary, Strattanville PA

“Tremendous program.  I have been looking for a long time for a program that would include the entire elementary (K-6).  My staff was impressed, and in closing, I would like to say that I highly recommend your program to other schools and do so without reservation!”  -John David Johnson, Principal, Clarion-Limestone Elementary, Strattanville PA


“I wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful performance!  It was a pleasure having you visit, and I was thrilled with the number of parents, students and teachers who went out of their way to tell me what a fantastic time they had.  We can’t wait to have you return next year.”  – Alisa Willey, Curriculum/Title I Coordinator, Conneaut School District, Linesville PA

“It was not a ‘hard sell’ when we polled the staff regarding a return visit.  Thanks for being so easy to work with and just darn nice guys.”  -Marcia deKramer, Guidance Counselor, Conneaut Lake Elementary, Conneaut Lake PA

“Tremendously received by our entire school.  You guys did a fantastic job, and I thank you!”  -Craig Heberle, Guidance Counselor, Alice Schafer Elementary, Linesville PA

“Thanks once again for the wonderful concert.  If all goes well, we will see you again soon.  If anyone ever needs a reference, I’d be glad to help you out.”  -Richard Freysinger, Music Teacher, Alice Schafer Elementary, Linesville PA

“Things were fantastic!  We are getting wonderful reports from teachers and parents…top members from the district administration were there; all were pleased and very impressed.  I predict a long relationship with PENNCREST School District and The Hill Brothers.” – Pamela Dailey, PENNCREST School District, Saegertown PA

“The Hill Brothers definitely lived up to their reputation….this unique show should be an experience (for) every student!”  – Sabrina S Coulter, Guidance Counselor, East End Elementary, Meadville PA


“I have never seen so many students and teachers involved in a program that enabled everyone to participate and have fun.  You are always welcome at our school.”  – Dennis Crotzer, Principal, Johnsonburg Area Elementary School, Johnsonburg PA

“Thank you for such a terrific concert.  My students really loved the program, enjoyed getting a chance to sing along and really listened to your messages.  What a fun way to get such an important message across!  – Linda Murray, Teacher, FS Grandinetti Elementary, Ridgway PA

“The performance was phenomenal!!  The Hill Brothers were exceptionally accomomodating, and the show had the students engaged from the very beginning.  The teachers, administrators and support staff were totally impressed.”  – Autumn Myers, Guidance Counselor, FS Grandinetti Elementary, Ridgway PA


“Just wanted to tell you how very much we all enjoyed your concert.  I love what you’ve done for the childrens’ attitude toward learning and being responsible.  Thank you!”  – Pat Henry, Teacher, Waterford Elementary, Waterford PA

“The feedback from students and faculty has been nothing short of perfection.”  – Erica Ratkowski, Guidance Counselor, Elk Valley Elementary, Lake City PA

“In each of the three schools, you can still hear the songs being played and the ideals still being held in high regard, and practiced by the students.  If there is ever any way that we can be of assistance to your group please let us know.”  -Principals, Clark-Klein-Rolling Ridge Elementary Schools, Harbor Creek PA

“WOW!  What an awesome concert!  Our staff and students will remember the advice you gave us in song and dance.  We look forward to next year’s show already!”  – Dr Linda Goldsmith, Principal, Fairview Elementary, Fairview PA

“Thank you so much for the concert this morning. Your music kept drawing more people into the auditorium. Teachers were playing your cd’s after the show and I’m sure the children will continue singing your songs long after today. Thank you for visiting us.”  – Gina Rullo, Principal, Wattsburg Area Elementary Center, Erie PA

“Your CD is a huge hit in my classroom.  I have been using it as a supplement to my bully meetings.  The students LOVE to listen to the CD as we are preparing for dismissal.  Thank you for being such an influential group of people for so many children!!  We truly enjoyed your program and the message that you reinforced.”  – Nicole Drayer, Teacher, Elk Valley Elementary, Lake City PA

“Thank you so much for visiting our school and sharing your wonderful songs and inspiring words.  My kids agree that you were fantastic.  I’m glad Stacy (program coordinator) found you and hope you will return to our school soon.”  – Bobbi Hurd, 3rd Grade Teacher, Wattsburg Area Elementary Center, Erie PA

“Great message and lesson, presented in a very effective (& delightful) manner!  Wonderful harmony & musicianship!”  – Mary Ann Kiehlmeier, Teacher, Lawrence Park Elementary, Erie PA

“We just left the Hill Brothers assembly, and all I hear are children singing the songs from the concert throughout the hallways! I have never seen the children so enthusiastic about an assembly!  Way to go Hill Brothers!”  -Amy Schmidt, Title 1 Reading Teacher, Lawrence Park Elementary, Erie PA

“Both of your performances were age-appropriate and sustained the interest of all grade levels…thanks again for making character education fun!”  – Jennifer Geddes, MA, Guidance Counselor, Iroquois Elementary School, Erie PA

“I loved your presentation that you did for us.  Wonderful!”  – Sharon Cullaton, Teacher, Lawrence Park Elementary, Erie PA

“We loved your music, humor, songs, and most of all your message.”  – Nancy Donnelly, Our Lady’s Christian School, Erie PA

“I cannot imagine that the state of the economy would prevent schools from bringing in such a quality program to their students” – Kevin Leuschen, Counselor, Harbor Creek School District, Erie PA


“The performance here during our school fair was wonderful.  The kids and the teachers really enjoyed the show.  The healthy message that you gave the students was great.  They loved the music, too.”  – Kim Faulk, Teacher and Wellness Committee, Brockway Elementary School, Brockway PA


“Our school faculty was so impressed and excited after the performance that our district purchased CDs for each grade level to use and continue practicing the good lessons your songs sing about.  Keep up the good work!”  – Beth Scanlon, Guidance Counselor, Port Allegany Elementary, Port Allegany PA

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